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Hi and welcome to WetBenches.net, a website intended to be a fundamental tutorial about wet benches used in the semiconductor industry. My name is Bud Rogers and I’ve been in the Semiconductor business a while. Most of that time was in Capital Equipment sales for some well know OEMs. I was privileged to work for the world’s largest Wet Bench supplier, and for a handful of small and medium sized wet bench suppliers as well.
I can remember starting out in the wet bench business trying to sell systems to seasoned process engineers. I was baffled by the variety of chemistries and their acronyms and chemical symbols. It seemed as if every customer had a different acronym to throw my way. I recall wishing I had a simple reference like this one to gather some basics.
As time progressed, armed with a little knowledge, training, and experience, it became so much more enjoyable to engage in conversations about wet bench technology. With each discussion, new information surfaced and I was on my way to being a more effective employee.
I now have my own Manufacturers’ Rep Firm headquartered in Texas. I specialize in promoting products of use to semiconductor fabricators. I have been blessed with years of success as an independent and I hope to continue learning and growing with our industry.
I hope you benefit from this information and I ask you to please feel free to contact me with any questions or ideas to improve the site’s content.
Bud Rogers
214 906-7145
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